Some times the one most difficult part’s of developing a new technology is knowing how its regulated and ensuring that you enact the right processes early on.

One of the most important steps you can take before you start spending money on research is to really consider how your product can and could be developed.

Basic and inexpensive steps taken at the beginning of the can literally save millions of dollars later on.

Several different patent attorneys’ refer their clients to us in conjunction or prior to patenting to help ensure that new technologies can be

  • commercialised with the prevailing regulatory systems
  • manufactured at commercial scale
  • safely and appropriately supplied and more.

This best performed prior to fund-raising and in conjunction with patenting (if appropriate), so that you can be sure that you cover the right ground.

Assuming that the regulations will allow a certain process can be a costly and sometimes irreparable mistake.

We can and do also provide expert, independent due diligence for investors looking to ensure that the new technologies are fundamentally robust and the claims being made can potentially be realised.

We are happy to chat with you or meet with you, obligation free to consider how your new technology might (or must) be regulated in Australia and beyond.

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