For more than a decade, we’ve been helping to safely transform the appearance of Australians and help to ensure the quality and safety of Australia cosmetics exported to

  • EU,
  • NZ,
  • Japan,
  • Korea,
  • ASEAN,
  • Canada and
  • USA

Quality Matters Safety Matters Pty Ltd offers professional services including

  • EU Product Information Files (PIF)
  • ASEAN Safety assessments
  • International labels drafting and compliance check
  • Product submissions

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We also provide assistance in screening and compliant labelling of products for the Australian market place for both

  • Australian and
  • International Clients


Quality Matters Safety Matters can assist you with

  • Developing and implement ISO 22716 – GMP for Cosmetics
  • Certifying operations as compliant with the International Standard

With decades of GMP and years of Cosmetic manufacturing hands on experience we the challenges of making cosmetics and how to implement as system that can work for your business while satisfying you international quality obligations.

We can also assist you with

  • Stability assessment regimes
  • Preservative selection advice and facilitated preservative efficacy testing (PET)
  • Microbial contamination matters

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Many of our clients are distributors or marketing companies who want to be sure that what they are providing is the ‘real thing’ as well as being safe and appropriate for the needs. We offer these clients

  • Preliminary safety and quality screening of formulations
  • Cultural and Demographic fit advice
  • Due Diligence and more…

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Quality Matters Safety Matters Pty Ltd

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